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3 star TS007

Lock snapping burglary is a prolific method of entry that has been used by criminals for over a decade.

It is believed that this method originated in the West Yorkshire area of the UK sometime in 2007 and quickly spread throughout the country.

The method targets inadequate euro locks and UPVC handles on doors such as composite, UPVC, Patio and french doors to name a few.


Why Choose Us

Year on year statistics and our own personal experience as former Police officers has shown that burglars commit this method of entry at all times of the day, whether persons are in the property or not due to this method of entry being relatively quiet and scarily quick to commit.

On many occasions, if the offence is committed whilst people are asleep in bed, they awake to discover that they have been burgled but unfortunately heard nothing.

As a burglary prevention company we attend lock snapping burglary scenes routinely as the majority of homes and businesses are still unaware of the dangers of non-accredited euro locks being installed.

Layered Protection

The unfortunate reality is that inadequate locks and handles are fitted as standard to the majority of doors installed everyday, who are unaware of how vulnerable to burglary they are.

Clean Design

If your euro lock does not display the accredited 3-star and diamond stamp mark underneath where the key goes in, it is a fact that the lock can be snapped and entry gained.

Cutting-edge Features

This is proven time and time again as we attend burglary scenes whereby so called anti-snap locks that are not accredited have been snapped and entry gained.

About Our Lock Fitting Proccess

Standard UPVC handles are only on average approximately 3 x the thickness of a coke can and are also usually made of aluminium which is snapped extremely easily.

The maximum accreditations available for a security handle is TS007 2 star diamond accredited.

Can this method of entry be prevented?

100% this method of entry can be prevented by installing the TS007 3-star diamond accredited ULTION euro lock from SheffLOCK.

This lock has never been snapped and entry gained.

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5 Years of Experience

Our Services

We have a range of security and anti snap lock fitting services for customers in Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

Anti Snap Locks

You can purchase anti snap locks from us and fit them yourself. You can use our measuring guide to make sure you fit the correct size lock to your door.

We have the full range of sizes available on our vans to remove and replace your existing lock with a Ultion lock and supplied with Ultion keys or Ultion WXM keys.

Home Security Surveys

Whilst we are at your home we can carry out a short home security survey to make sure nothing is missed that compromises your safety and security.

Emergency Boarding Up

We carry a large stock of panel boards for boarding up damaged doors and windows whilst repairs or replacement panels are made. We can also measure and fit upvc window panels and door panels.

Composite Doors

When damage to your door is severe, we can measure your door and frame for a replacement composite door and new frame. Fully guaranteed with quality anti snap locks fitted as standard.

UPVC Windows

We can measure and fit new upvc window frames as well as fit double glazed units to fix misted windows. For extra protection we recommend vulnerable areas are fitted with laminated glass panels.

Our Experience

Here we can show you a few examples of the thousands of anti snap locks that we have fitted over the past 5 years.

Anti Snap Lock Fitting

Anti Snap Lock Fitting

Anti Snap Lock Upgrades
Anti Snap Lock Upgrades
Security Door Handles
Security Door Handles
Anti-Snap Locks
Anti-Snap Locks
Ultion Keys
Ultion Keys
Composite Doors
Composite Doors
Laminated Glass
UPVC Door Repairs

Meet The Team

SheffLOCK is a family locksmith business in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Together they have over 40 years of police, security and burglary prevention experience.


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Chris Hanson


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David Taylor
Happy Customer

Chris came today explaining the workings of the handles and anti snap locks. He was very efficient and knowledgeable of his trade, fitted four handles and locks within an hour explaining the operating system as he continued.Being ex police we fell confident trusting his expertise, very happy with the handles and locks feeling much more secure in our home.

Graham Scurfield
Ultion Key Covers

Great Price, Speedy Delivery, just what was expected

Jonathon Streets
Atempted break-in

After an attempted break-in via snapping my euro cylinder lock, ShefLOCK turned up within two hours (I'm based in east Doncaster) and fitted Ultion Locks and secured by design handles. Very thorough with their explanations and careful with installation including cleaning up after themselves.

Recent Articles

We have gained a vast amount of security knowledge with over 40 years of police experience. There is so much to talk about so we have put our experience on paper in bite size, easy to read pages.


Burglary Prevention Advice

We often speak to customers who were victims of a burglary over 20 years ago, who remember the details of such an incident, recalling what an awful experience it was and wanting to do all they can to prevent such an event occurring again.

The facts are that Burglary is and always will be a real concern for all of us. We started SheffLOCK as a burglary prevention company because we knew that the vast majority of victims of burglary and the public as a whole are receiving either completely wrong Burglary prevention advice, outdated information or simply not receiving any advice what so ever.

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Lock snapping burglary

Lock snapping burglary is a prolific method of entry that has been used by criminals for over a decade.

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You are free to call us on Sheffield 0114 442 6200. We operate as an emergency locksmith service so we will answer as soon as we can. To make an appointment to fit new anti snap locks please call between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.